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                       The Race Is On

 After a decade while esports racing has reached the scale of iRacing and their $30M prize pools and tens of millions of hours watched, the category is starting to grow. Real-world sanctioning bodies have partnerships with racing titles and payouts have grown significantly. As an enthusiast interested in giving digital racing a try, picking which series might be the most challenging. If you have an affinity for tight courses, dirt, and all-wheel drive power trains, there’s Esports WRC Powered series. The 2020 season competes on alllevels across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms, and the competition spans on all online rounds. As racing eSports continue to grow, a new path is being laid to pursue a career in Motorsports. One based on meritocracy, requiring nothing more than a console or PC, your racing game of choice, a steering wheel and pedals, and a whole lot of sweat equity.So we do it all at RedlineRacing eSports team with a host of pro drivers.

         Cover Songs & Expansion Team

 Singer-cover artist guitarist, and eSports racer there 's a touch of poetry; I fight away the watch; and for my paths to move forward. Being that by which the representative myself cover songs and race is distinguished in the music and racing of the new team of Rickman Racing you can watch my cover songs and my second team race to continue passions forward but also learn of who I am through ups and downs we must go on. A new list of music covers and race team watch not only myself but a expansion team do it all. Where the past 10 years, some expansion teams have found it difficult to build a franchise, while others have been able to see both instant andcontinued success, this is success.Continued Develop guitar skills while learning songs you like I do it for you

and me. Do you sometimes lose motivation. Guitar? We all do. Well it happens I am here to bring it back to you but to expand beyond one talent and give you and myself a little of it all.

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